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Plate Rolling / Forming

Either using your free issue material or complete supply, we can offer plate rolling or plate forming in a wide range of carbon and stainless steels from 5mm thick in up to 3 metre lengths, or up to 200mm thick on our plate forming equipment. A proportion of our range can be pre-ended without an additional bending allowance to minimise waste and can be supplied with flame cut or machined edge and / or end preps.

To complement our plate rolling and plate forming operations we offer an in-house welding service enabling us to re-roll to tight tolerances prior to despatch and join tubes with full penetration circumferential welds to achieve longer lengths.

All our Submerged Arc, M.I.G. and T.I.G. weld procedures and welders are coded to the latest American and British standards.

We have strong links with local subcontractors and are able to offer the full range of N.D.T. operations including radiography, ultrasonic test, dye pen and M.P.I.; also heat treatment operations including stress relieve, normalise and solution anneal. Longer items can be formed using different techniques. See our press braking section for more information.


  • Wide ferrous and non ferrous material range
  • Huge thickness range 5mm-200mm
  • End / edge preparing available, machined or flame cut
  • Coded longitudinal and circumferential welding offered
  • Can supply rolled, prep roll and bridge tack or rolled and welded
  • Heat treatment to customer requirements
  • Non destructive testing as required
Fabrication of large cylinder with internal stiffeners to ford winch drum for offshore cable laying

Winch drum for offshore application

Heavy formed plate fully welded & inspected

130mm thick plate formed & welded

Circ welding of thick walled cylinders for motor casing

Circumferential welding of thick walled cylinders

Weld prep cut back after bending on 100mm mild steel plate

Close up of weld prep on 100mm thick steel

Plate rolling on 3000mm wide plate rolls

3000mm wide plate being formed

Duplex stainless steel cylinders prepped rolled & tack welded ready for despatch

Duplex stainless steel cylinders


Section Bending
Press Braking
Spiral Bending

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Induction Bending
Plate Rolling
Tube Manipulation

Kelpies curved steel framework - photo by Tracey Fullerton heavy / thick plate forming stainless steel handrail and spine tube Tube Manipulation / Rotary Draw Bending Stainless Steel Duplex Cylinders Spiral or Helical rolled tube Wembley Stadium Arch curved sections

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